Gluten-free products

The Scaldaferro Torronificio with its gluten-free products has been included in the 2009 edition of the Italian Celiac (AIC) handbook.

Celiac disease is permanent intolerance to gluten, protein present in oats, wheat, barley, kamut, barley, rye, triticum spelta and triticum.

The incidence of this intolerance in Italy is estimated in one subject each 100/150 people.

To treat celiac disease, at present, should be excluded from the diet some of the most common foods such as bread, pasta, biscuits and pizza, but also should be removed the smallest traces of flour from each dish.

This disease implies a strong commitment to nutritional education: the gluten-free diet, conducted with rigor, is the only therapy that give celiac people a perfect state of health. The Scaldaferro Torronificio, in collaboration with its suppliers of raw materials, has been excluded from its processes and ingredients any trace of gluten, allowing the inclusion of many of its products in the free handbook of AIC.

This handbook is a publication issued once a year. It includes, after a careful evaluation, also the products which, although not designed specifically for a specific diet, are fit for consumption by celiac sufferers.