The Mandorlato is an energetic sweet which can be consumed without any problems. We need to destroy the myth that the Mandorlato “makes you get fat”. As a matter of fact, 100 g of the product supply us only with 400 calories (more precisely, the proteins supply 8% of the calories, the fats 43% and the carbohydrates 49%). If compared to chocolate, this sweet has less calories (chocolate supply about 900 calories for 100 g) because the fat percentage is lower.

Besides, the fat contained in the almonds is monounsaturated, that is “good” therefore a nutritional virtue attributed to the Mandorlato whereas other sweets such as cakes, buns, snacks etc., are generally rich in saturated fats.

Furthermore, we have to consider that the Mandorlato is rich in magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc and mineral salts which are indispensable in order to dispose of a proper alimentation.

The Mandorlato Scaldaferro is substantially different from the other products on the Italian market. Above all, it is made up of 55% of almonds which yield it far more superior to the qualitative standards requested by the European countries and the other Italian Torrone of an industrial type.

The almonds, scrupulously selected, are of a special Italian quality, and they are characterised by their kind which is medium-small, by their compactness and glitter and above all by their considerable oil component which guarantee the Mandorlato a definite taste.

The percentage of water present in Mandorlato Scaldaferro is below 4%.This allows the product to be preserved marvellously ( as long as it is kept at room temperature ).

The mixture of honey used for the compound is heated bain-marie but it never boils, thus preserving its nutritional characteristics. The flowers from which the honey is taken out are devoid of insecticide.

The compound in gently cooked bain-marie for more then 12 hours. This system results completely different from the fast air-tight methods and industrial cooking which take only a few minutes.

The Mandorlato Scaldeferro is periodically subject to hygienic tests; these tests which are carried out at the factory laboratory exclude the presence of micro-organisms, mould traces, alimentary yeast and starch which are sometimes present in low quality Torrone.

The Mandorlato Scaldaferro is highly energetic and rich in proteins. Such characteristics derive from the ingredients partly glucidic ( honey and glucose ) partly lipidic ( almonds ) and partly proteic (almonds and egg-whites ).

At the compound is added at the end of baking powder in vanilla berry added to icing sugar.

The sugar present is easily digestible (fructose and glucose ), whereas the proteins are enriched by the presence of eggs, which are absolutely the best present in nature and integrate the quality of the vital amino-acids supplied by the almonds.

The almonds are also the lipidic source of the Torrone, characterised by the prevalence of the monounsaturated acid fats ( almost exclusively ) and by the elevated amount of linoleic acid, vital substance for our health. By now, this type of compound is considered to be the best in order to reduce the risk of heart diseases, as the oleic and linoleic acids can beneficially modify the profile of the plasmatic lipids, reducing the total cholesterol and do not alter the H.D.L., the so-called “good cholesterol” . Such modifications can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The ingredients of the Torrone guarantee e discrete amount of vitamins, above all when it concerns vit. B complex and vit. E, even though partially reduced due to thermic use. It is interesting to note the mineral contents, above all the oligoelements, like copper, zinc, magnesium and manganese, all necessary for our numerous biological process.

The Torrone Scaldaferro is therefore a complete aliment which can be integrated with a normal alimentation, not forgetting the fact that it is also crumble. It may also be indicated in case of additional nutritional needs, like athletes, during training or process of convalescence, in cases where there is lack of food assumption, it being so appetising! Small quantities, that is about 10 g a day, may constitute a pleasant dessert. This applies also to people who are overweight, as, in this case, the moderate amount of calories is associated with the high nutritional quality.