The sugar used by the Torronificio comes from the sugar refineries of Pontelongo, in operation since 1910. This historical town in the province of Padua, faces the Bacchiglione River which at one times was indispensable for manufacturing, as well as for communication and the transport of products.

The sugar used in the mandorlato comes from the refining of the Italian sugar beet. At the sugar refinery, beets are weighed and washed, before being sliced. Then begins the “diffusion” phase during which the sugars contained in the slices are extracted. The slices go into a cylinder in which hot water is circulated in counter sense with respect to the entrance of the slices. The water becomes enriched a little at a time by the sugar from the beet pieces and is then purified and filtered, turning into a clear pulp.

This pulp is then placed into a series of evaporators to eliminate the water, and the dense mush obtained is concentrated into boiling bubbles, and is transformed into tiny crystals enveloped in a coloured syrupy residue. Following this, it is cooled and then sent to the centrifuge, to separate the crystallized sugar from the syrup. The sugar, thus obtained, undergoes a drying process to lower its humidity and then is suitably cooled for conservation, obtaining a sugar ready for consummation.

In the production of the Limited Edition of the Scaldaferro mandorlato, brown cane sugar is also added, which meshes particularly well with the choice blend of honey during the cooking.