The Almonds

The almonds used for the production of the Scaldaferro mandorlato are the oval-shaped bitterless variety of Italian almonds. About 2 cm in size, cream coloured, they have a sweet taste, and a soft yet friable consistency outside which is firmer and crunchy inside. This almond with a rough epidermis is also called cinquecinque, “five-five”, because the tree is full of fruits on branches in groups of 5 or more.

The almonds, harvested in the second week of August, are peeled and undergo a triple calibration to arrive at a standard dimension to permit a homogeneous toasting.

The variety is very rare and is produced in restricted coastal zones of south Italy.

Because of its beauty (and also because of its high cost), this type of almond is generally destined for the tables during the Christmas festivities.