The DOP Pistachios from Bronte

The Torronificio Scaldaferro produced in a limited edition a special nougat with coriander honey and pistachios from Bronte in the plain of Catania at the foot of Mount Etna (Sicily).

The Pistachio (“Pistachia vera”) is a shrub with deep roots, the trunk gnarled gray and brownish foliage and clean.

The fruits of pistachio are in clusters, slightly compressed, the size of an olive, a colour that in the early stages is red and ripening from green to reddish-white-pink and yellow-cream. It has a thin husk that crumbles easily and a single seed, aromatic, light green that – one – held until maturity: the producers call it “ruby red outside, emerald green inside.”

The plant grows on the lava rocks, prohibitive for any other type of vegetation.

The ground, characterized mainly by rocks that rise to the surface, creates barriers to the mechanization, so all cultural practices are essential and produces high production costs.

The trees are not fertilized, it is flush (because there is no water), are treated very little and are pruned a couple of times to remove the dead branches.

The seeds of pistachio contain many proteins (18-23%), essential oil (50-60%), vitamins (15-17%).