The variety “railway” of honey cherry (Prunus avium) is collected in the plains of Bari, in Puglia. The flowers occur in clusters white or slightly pink. This is a particularly rare honey monofloral because its production is determined by the weather conditions that most of the time, in the spring, are bad and do not allow abundant blooms. Honey Cherry has a reddish colour to amber. It has a strong flavour and aroma of almond and cherry pits. The scent reminds of flowers from which it’s derived and can be compared to that of bitter almond with hints of fruit and caramel.

Honey cherry is added into the limited edition to Apulian almond (variety of “Philip Cea”). The almond leaves a full, balanced palate with a hint of wheat, butter and white flowers and an elegant finish with great persistence in the mouth, due to its richness in essential oils.