The orange blossom honey used by the Torronificio Scaldaferro comes from rigorously selected cultivars. The production occurs in the zone of the Ribera Plain and the Catania Plain (where are respectively produced the famous Washington navel oranges and the red oranges of Sicily), under natural bio-ecological conditions.

Along with the similar intense smell of the flowers from which it comes, it has a pleasantly sweet taste with the fresh aroma of orange blossoms, a fruity tendency and a yellow to straw-yellowish colour. It crystallizes easily after the extraction from the honeycomb.

The honey’s composition is typically: 17% water, 80% glucose, 3% mineral salts and aromatic substances.

The orange blossom honey is particularly suitable for our blend because it merges easily with the others, has a persistent fresh, fruity note even after cooking, and contrasts well with the sweet tastes of the sugar.