The mandorlato is a sweet made of lightly toasted almonds, englobed in a composite of honey, sugar and egg whites. The honey and the sugar are heated until they become concentrated, then mixed with whipped egg whites until they turn into a white, creamy and light batter, and then cooked slowly. After cooking, toasted almonds are added and the batter is extracted and hand placed in form of flakes and then packaged while they are still warm to maintain their fragrance and aroma.

The percentage of residual water after cooking is less than 4%, which makes the product exceptionally conservable, if it is preserved at a constant temperature in a cool, dry environment.

The old recipe, dated at 1919, and the entirely hand-crafted processing has been enabled the scaldaferro’s mandorlato to keep the natural flavours of the past. the ingredients are one of the secrets of the product, such as a particular mix of strict Italian controlled honeys in order to give the mandorlato an unmistakable colour and bouquet and the italian almonds, carefully selected and roasted by the scaldaferro family itself.

Another inimitable feature of the scaldaferro’s nougat: it is a homemade sweet, completely worked, laid and wrapped up by hand.

Each bar of nougat is hand placed in form of flakes on a bed of waffles, instead of being rolled, pressed and ironed by machine, thus maintaining greater friability and volume.

The scaldaferro’s nougat is free from preservatives, colouring agents and additives and its raw materials, periodically monitored by laboratory analysis, come from crops free of pesticides and ogm.

the set of processes and the careful selection of ingredients makes each bar of nougat different from the rest, like a small and tasty work of art.

We explain below in detail the processing steps of nougat



scelta materie prime

The first phase of manufacturing concerns the selection and inspection of the primary materials at commencement.

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Tostatura mandorle

The second phase of production involves the toasting: toasting is the cooking process of the almonds.

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Cottura di miele e zucchero

The third phase of work is that of the cooking of the honey and sugar.
The honey and the sugar are poured into copper pots with a mechanic arm.

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The phase of the whipping of albumen is very delicate.
The albumen is formed mainly of water and protein, which can be imagined as tiny separate balls of wool.

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After the mounting phase, relatively brief (45 minutes), follows the drying of the mixture phase, which lasts 6-7 hours.

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Posatura a mano stella

The placement by hand of the product is the final phase.
Unlike industrial products and even of other artisan products, the unique scaldaferro mandorlato is composed entirely by hand into its characteristic flakes.

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