This is a delightful recipe for the leftovers of Christmas desserts.
Time: 45 min + 6 hours
Ingredients: (for 12 persons): For the semifreddo: 300 g fresh cream-whipped, 200 g finely crushed torrone, 25 g sugar, 3 egg yolks, vanilla pod
1 kg pandoro, 150 g dark chocolate, salt

Peparation of the semifreddo: Beat the egg yolks, sugar and a vanilla pod bain-marie under moderate heat. Then remove from the bain-marie, let cool and fold in whipped cream and the crushed torrone.
Slice the corners of the pandoro, divide each section in half lengthwise, and after having slipped one slice slightly over the other, place them like a fence into the charlotte pan (smooth with high borders, the bottom covered with a disc of waxed paper). Pour the semifreddo cream into the pan, alternating with the remaining slices. Top with a layer of pandoro then refrigerate for about 6 hours.
A little before serving, boil 150 g of water with the chocolate and a pinch of salt, obtaining a semi-dense sauce. Let cool. Invert the charlotte onto a serving platter, removing the paper disc. Serve with the chocolate sauce.