Mandorlato Scaldaferro is an extremely delicious cake made of almonds mixed with honey, sugar and egg whites, whipped up in order to become the mix white, creamy and soft: then it is cooked very slowly.

After cooking the dough is handled, cut to bars and wrapped immediately in order to preserve his own aroma and fragrance.

After cooking there’s the drying step which continues for another 24 hours.

Such a process allows mandorlato to have an humiduty lower than 5% and assures a better mandorlato’s life when temperature and humidity are in normal conditions.

The old recipe, which is born in the 1919, and the wholly homemade processing allowed Scaldaferro’s mandorlato to keep the genuine flavours of yore.

The best quality ingredients are one of the secrets of the product: 5 types of honey mixed together to gives it an exclusive flavour, the Italian almonds meticulously selected and roasted by the Scaldaferro family itself. The 12 hours cooking process (impossible when the Mandorlato is industrially made), makes the “Mandorlato” crumbly and immediately recognizable because of its characteristic mousse and its slightly amber colour.

Another inimitable characteristic is the laying down by hand.

Each bar of mandorlato is laid down piece by piece on the wafer by hand: the bar isn’t rolled, pressed and stretch with mechanical devices, thus they can keep more friability and volume.

Scaldaferro’s mandorlato is preservative, colourings and food dyes free. The raw materials, checked up periodically with laboratory analisys, come from pesticide and OGM free farming.

Every bar of mandorlato is original and different from each other like a little and tasty work of art.